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Ok guys!  It is week 2 of the open!  Come on out to our Saturday class at 9am to get your WOD on!  We can scale the workout to all levels.

But for today….

superset x 4-5:

8 ring row

6 DB Push press

Rest 1 min


200m run

30 ball slams

30 burpees

200m run


FS + Jerk x 3 + 1

Rotational Medball Slams x 12


4 sets:

10 Thrusters

Rest 45 Seconds



Superset x 4-5

hang snatch + OHS 2+1

side plank w/touch x 20 (10 each side)

3 sets:

25 calorie airdyne/row

3 wall walks/30 shoulder touches


Youth Weightlifting

BlackBox is now offering youth weightlifting classes! These classes will be open to boys and girls 12 years old and up. These classes will run on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4 pm for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The value of learning the skill of weightlifting early in life will aid and assist young athletes in every aspect of their athletic career for the rest of their life. We have all said this: “If I had known what I know now as a youngster, I MIGHT have had a better chance at success in sports.” This program is initially designed as a way to teach kids how to move better and know their way around a weight room as they get older and exposed to different coaches and training methods. The skills learned here will give them confidence in the way they move and train going forward.

The center piece of this program will be the Olympic lifts and refining technique. We will also use bodyweight exercises and single leg assistance work to create balance and quality movement. In the event that some of these kids want to compete in Olympic style weightlifting, we will most certainly support that!

If you are interested in getting your youth athlete started with this program, please call (979) 204-4656 or email carisse@blackboxstrength.com.



Agility drills

superset x 5:

20 plate presses

10 ring rows

Rest one minute

4 sets:

50 jump ropes

20 second chin over bar hold

Rest 45 seconds


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