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Everyone, I would like you to meet Kelly! She is an amazing athlete with an incredible drive! Her goals from her January resolution list are being crossed out, due to her dedication and commitment to eating well and consistency in the box! I have never seen someone with such intense lashes from the jump rope, because they were practicing double unders DAILY (even through the pain/slashes!). Kelly, you are an inspiration to us all!!
Full Name: Kelly Marie Kleinkort
Gym name or nickname: Kelly K, KK
Occupation: Assistant Director for International Affairs at A&M
Words to live by: Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. (maybe not to live by…but I love this Mark Twain quote!)
What is your fitness background? Played competitive sports until 8th grade, got injured, got depressed, gained a lot of weight. Lost the weight 10 years ago and have enjoyed an active lifestyle since then.
How long have you been training at Black Box? 1 year
What do you love most about Black Box? The sense of community and camaraderie.  
Favorite Workout or Lift? Double unders (I finally can do them!) and back squat. 
Favorite sport or hobby? Traveling to new places (esp. countries)…does that count as a hobby?
What is your next adventure in life? Good question…still figuring that one out. Probably starting my own non-profit organization someday. Either that or becoming the Secretary for the US Department of State…you know, whichever comes first.
Tell us, something we don’t know about you: I was a famous rockstar when I lived in China.
(Also, just so you know, she really is a rockstar back in China… It’s all true! Kelly, we would like you to post a video (I tried to find one on you tube, but was unsuccessful), PLEASE!) 

Group Classes:

5 sets –
Weighted pull ups x 6
push press x 6
2 min rest
3 min acquired on rings or pvc
25 x TTB
  • Hang snatch (below knee) – 75% x 2 x 5
  • Hang clean (below knee) – 75% x 2 x 5
  • Heaving snatch balance – 4 x 3

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