Cl & Jk x3
BS x3

Min 1: 10 cal row
Min 2: 10 cal AD
Min 3: 30 jump ropes
Repeat same order for 9 min


Broad jump x4
Single Leg Squats x5
10 Heavy wall balls

3 sets:
1 min jump rope
14 KB SN (alternating)


Press x4
Bent Over BB row x6

Then, 200 m Suitcase carry

5 sets:
5 pullups
5 DB Push Press
rest 2 min then cash out
2 min Max Effort AD



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SN pull (5 sec up/down) + SN x2
FS x3

4 sets with partner:
200m row
6 burpee jump over rower

*rest while partner works (2 min rest if no partner)