BlackBox Night Out!  Tommorrow at 5:45 at Shipwreck Grill!  If you don’t come you have to do 100 burpees on Monday.

Super set- 4 sets

  1. DB Push Presses x8
  2. Toes to bar or knee ups x10


45 sec jump rope (double unders if capable)

rest 15 sec

45 sec body squats

rest 15 sec

45 sec sit ups

rest 15 sec

45 sec Inch worm push ups

rest 1 min

Repeat 2-3 times



Eccentric pull ups (ABSOLUTELY NO BANDS everyone can do this, jump up, hold top for 1 sec, slow yourself down as slow as possible. if still hesitant, use TUT 3-0-3 ring rows) 4 sets of 3


4 rounds for time

bear crawl (down and back)

lunges (down and back)

Broad jumps (down and back)


Let’s Go Eat Some Bugs this Saturday!!!

This Saturday we will be meeting at Shipwreck Grill at 5:45 for some crawfish, drinks, and fun!  Come on out and have some fun!


TUT 4-0-1 x4 sets

DB Floor presses (Bench press on the ground) x5


KB Halos in bottom of squat 3×10 (like the glute activation, but in the bottom of a squat)


Tabata Row/AD/Run

Rest 2 min




Superset 4 sets

  1. KB single leg deadlift x 10
  2. DB Bent over rows x8


3 rounds

45 sec stop and go farmers carry

200m run

45 sec 6- inch hold (lay on back, hands under hips, hold feet 6 inch above the ground, legs straight)