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Home of CrossFit ATM, the first CrossFit in the Brazos Valley


Strength & Conditioning

5 sets:

Clean x 2

Weighted Plank 4 x 45seconds

5 sets

12-15 wallballs

rest 45 seconds



Snatch grip deadlift 5×5

Leg Lifts 5×8-10

3 sets:

15 KBS

15 Burpees


3-4 sets

One arm KBS x8
Strict Pullups w/partner or negatives x5
Russian Twists (using kettlebell) x12

8 sets:
45 sec Row or AD
Rest 15 sec



S&C Workout:
Halo Drills (glute/core activation) 5×5 each way
BS 5×3

4 sets:
90 sec AD/row
50m waiters carry
5 Broad jumps



Monday–No 6am

Hey guys–don’t forget there is no 6am tomorrow!

4-5 sets

Single Leg Box Jump x4
Evil wheels x8

10 min AMRAP:
Reps of:
4, 8, 12, 16…
OH Walking lunges

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In Fort Worth?

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