Memorial Day Workout

Hey guys!  TGIF!  Hope everyone has something amazing planned for the weekend!  Don’t forget–if you want to come out and support BlackBox tomorrow at Battle of the Boxes, today is the last day to buy a bracelet from us–5 bucks!  You can pay at the door too.  It’s a good cause! Event is at Cellucor from 9-2.

Also, on Monday we will have ONE WORKOUT AT NOON.  Don’t show up for another class because no one will be here!!!!

3 sets of: (with sandbags)

Weighted lunges (down and back)

Reverse Bear Crawl


3 rounds

1 min AMRAP of air squats

rest 1 min

1 min plank

rest 1 min

1 min AMRAP of ball slams

rest 1 min



4 sets of 3 Power Cleans

then… 5 min to do as many pullups as they can (kipping is allowed)

Conditioning: (if weather permits)

Double Tabata Sledgehammer on tires, switch sides each round. Should be 8 mins long

then… 4x 100m sprints, walk back for recovery


Wounded Warrior

This weekend is the Battle of the Boxes.  It is a competition where all the crossfit gyms compete against each other and show off their skills!  We are sending a team so we would love your support for them by coming out and cheering them on!  More importantly, this is a fundraiser for the amazing Wounded Warrior Foundation.  All ticket sales go to this important cause.  We have bracelets for sale for $5 and if you would like to make a donation let us know.  Read more about the organization here:


Superset for 4 sets of:

8 DB Bent over rows

10 Pushups


4 rounds

30s superman/ cobra hold

8 renegade reaches

8 KB swings

8 V-ups

rest 1 min



3RM Front squat

then… 3 sets of 5 KB Presses