What is BlackBox

A black box is more an idea than a thing.  A black box is thought of in terms of inputs and outputs.  The input is known and the output is also known but the mechanisms for change are sometimes not clearly understood.   The black box comes into play as the place where changes happen.  The Human body in my opinion is best thought of as a black box.  This simply means that if we are trying to reach a result such as getting stronger in the back squat, we take a training protocol, implement it for a couple weeks then test the results.  It is clearly defined whether the training was beneficial to the goal by looking at the outcome.  You can take just about any personal goal you want and use this system.

The term BlackBox simply means that we can control the input to predict the output but don’t always understand the mechanisms that cause these favorable outcomes.  Over the last 5 years we have been using this idea to produce results for people and have refined the process to be able to accommodate nearly any physical goal.  We have refined this to a very unique program that we stand behind 100%.

Welcome to the Black Box Strength & Conditioning.  We look forward to helping you accomplish your goals and more!!