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KBS x10 (heavy)
Evil wheels x10

3 sets:
200m Farmers Carry
25 ball slams





Several of you have made a goal of being able to do a strict pull up in 2015!  That is a big accomplishment so lets start working towards that goal!

Thursday S&C Workout:
-Pull up test (attempt a strict and find max reps) Once complete do 3 sets of 3-5 negatives

Then, take 10 min to find your

3RM Push press

3 sets:
-200 m run/row
-10 KB Thrusters
Rest 1:1



Wednesday S&C Workout:
Box Jump x5
Front squat 5×3

3 sets:
Max Effort 500m Row
Rest 1:1



Tuesday S&C Workout:
Clean pull + Clean x1+1
plank up downs x20

odd: 3 Power cleans (75%)
even: 100m Sprint


BlackBox Member of the Month is Shannon Marley!

10151764_797939450249339_1974402310797951334_nFull name: Shannon Diann Marley
Nickname: Shannon “Muscles” Marley or Captain of the Blackbox Dance Team

Occupation: Counselor at BVCASA – I work with pregnant teens in the schools doing parenting education and in the adult & adolescent outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. I also teach yoga and indoor cycling classes at Aggieland Fitness Dome and yoga at Miramont Country Club.

I’ve been working out at BBox since February 2012 and came across it when I googled crossfit in CS. I came up for a consult and was totally hooked after meeting everybody!

The thing I love most about BBox is the support of the community here. It’s what has kept me here since I started. My best friends and memories have been made at BBox with all you people! And I love that this place is focused on the whole person – rest, recovery, eating well, etc. It’s not just about bustin’ out a WOD at all costs with craptastic form.  Ya know what I mean? The coaches go the extra mile to make sure that we’re being challenged and using correct form safely. I am beyond grateful for that.

The results I’ve seen: my olympic lifting form has really improved (55k Snatch PR! Thanks Jack!) and so has my overall strength in WOD’s (Leader board achievements! Thanks Zach!)

My fitness background: I grew up dancing competitively and participating in a lot of different sports. In high school I played basketball, tennis, and was a cheerleader.

My fitness goals: Improving my C&J form, surviving the Crossfit Open, and increasing my weights in the Snatch and C&J.

My favorite lift is the Snatch and favorite WOD is Annie.

I don’t think I can pick just one favorite memory of BBox! I’ve had such good times traveling to the oly lifting state meets and always enjoy hanging out with everyone when we go out.

Words to live by: “The mind is given to you, you are not given to the mind.” — Yogi Bhajan
“Practice and all is coming.” — Guru Pattabhi Jois
“There is wisdom to be had in the struggle.”
And of course… No Regrets!

Favorite hobbies: hiking, camping, dancing, and wine

My next adventure in life? A career change perhaps or traveling the world. We’ll see!

Something you don’t know about me: I cheated on a spelling test in 3rd grade and failed it because the person I cheated off of clearly had no idea what they were doing. I never cheated again. #lifelessons #sonotworthit

Monday S&C Workout

Snatch x3
Lateral medball throw x8

75 Burpees :)

**Let your coach know if you’d like to do 100 burpees for a leadership board attempt!!!

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